H4 (Hi-Low) LED Headlight 20,000LM

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  • Extreme 20,000LM Brightness
  • CREE LED Chip-set
  • Water, Dust, Shockproof
  • Lifespan 50,000Hour+
  • Professional quality and performance
  • Fits Any car have H4 type headlight (Hi-Low)
  • Imported from USA
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H4 Type Car LED Headlight
Smart Efficient Cooling System, Built-In Cooling Fans For Fast Heat Dissipation. High-quality Aluminum heat dissipation ensures the secure temperature range. Low Power Consumption than Halogen bulb or Hid Kit, Energy Saving. Low Voltage Protection, High Precision Constant Current driver Chip. Shake proof and Long lasting up to 50,000 Hours. Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +80°C.
Extreme 20,000LM Brightness Latest CREE LED Chips. Water, Dust, Shock proof. Lifespan 50,000Hour+. Professional quality and performance. Fits Any car have H4 type headlight (Hi-Low). Visit expertcarzone.com to know more details. Imported from the USA.

Specification :
Voltage: DC 9-32V;Current: 2.8A
Bulb Type : H4 hi/lo beam
Power: 55W each bulb
Working efficiency: 98%
Color Temperature: 6000K white
Lumens: 20000LM(10000LM/BULB)
Package includes : 2pcs led bulb

Features :
Waterproof: IP67,can be used in any water conditions
Quick start: Fast on/off response time
Energy Saving 70% when compared to the regular halogen bulbs and amp; has a life span 3 times longer than them.
Using Canbus to decode most high-end car systems and make the led bulb works!


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