Door Edge Protector Trim – Transparent Rubber – 5M

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  • Made of premium TPO anti-aging rubber material. Corrosion/heat/abrasion-resistant.
  • Nearly transparent, suitable for any color car. Makes gorgeous look.
  • Car door’s Edge Guard Trim, no need for glue. Will work with trunk-cover edge also.
  • It will not steak to body paint and will not attach/attract dusts
    Prevents door dings, dents (while opening the doors), chipping paint and forming rust
    Protects your cars paint, helps maintain the vehicles condition
    Very easy to DIY install. Just push on edges.
  • Imported from USA

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Car Door Protector Edge Guard Description:
Car Door Edge Sealing Strip easy D.I.Y. kit rubber guard for car door edge, comes in 5 meter length, the trim is made of very flexible high quality TPO rubber , no glue needed just peel and stick. It protects door edge from ding into other objects when opening. It prevents nicks and chips and to cover existing damage.

Car Door Protector Edge Guard Specifications:
Item: Car Door Edge Guards
Material: TPO rubber
Length: 5M
Width: 11mm

Car Door Protector Edge Guard Installation location:
1.The metal edge of the main body between the car door and the vehicle body.
2.In the car door and more of the outer edge.
3.In the window above the car.
4.Window panel minibus.
5.Border heavy equipment.
6.Covering the edge of the sharp metal.
7.Vinyl window decoration boat.

Car Door Protector Edge Guard Install:
1.Clean the door edge to remove any oil, wax & dust. Make sure the door is dry before continuing.
2.Peeling off the tape covering the adhesive, and then applying to the door
3.Just push on the rubber seal above the install place
4.Use scissors to cut away unused seal strip for other door edges.
5.Let the lining dry up by itself and do not get wet for at least 12 hours.

Car Door Protector Edge Guard Package Include:
1 roll 5 meter Car Door Edge Guard Protector

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Dimensions 5 cm


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