Data Privacy Policy



Legal Use and Data Privacy Declaration


We “ECZ International” hereby named as ECZ, registered solely for business activities in Bangladesh through our physical outlets, website and in association with our business stakeholders. For public acknowledgement and awareness, we declare and confirm below issues:

  • ECZ uses Customer’s or any person’s name, email, mobile number, address, location data solely for own secured business purposes and activities between you and ECZ, for example: free advise, business communication, special offer, marketing communication, product delivery, payment collection, email communication, mobile communication, SMS, after sales service, return product collection, dispute resolution etc.
  • ECZ never discloses or shares or sells their Customers any data to any 3rd party for monetization or to conduct commercial or marketing activities that  is not fully or partially related with ECZ by any means.
  • If any Customer or person no longer wish to receive any communication from ECZ through one or more or all modes like email, SMS or voice call, in person visits etc., are requested to send an email to mentioning your mobile number or email address or both and issue an unsubscribe request. Upon receiving the unsubscribe request, ECZ will opt out the relevant data from their system within 10 working days, provided that there is no financial or business or legal issues pending between that person & ECZ.  Meanwhile the person may continue to receive any communications through any modes, for which we request that person’s kind patience.
  • ECZ legally & ethically bound to stand against any online abuse, personal or mental attack, posting abusive, violent, aggressive, anti-social, anti-government, anti-religious contents, extremists speeches or actions, terrorist speeches or actions, foul or incorrect or illegal uses of ECZ website. Doing so, ECZ may impose bans or take any legal actions or both or every steps against relevant person(s) or organization(s) to ensure justified actions. If you notice or suspect any such objectional contents or activities or actions, please notice ECZ team immediately through email or phone call to ECZ email addresses or hotline numbers.
  • ECZ requests to all it’s users & customers, advertisers, vehicle sellers or buyers to abide by the Bangladesh government’s laws and use ECZ website solely for private or business benefit that is not harmful to any person, society or country.
  • If any Customer or person no longer wish to keep his or her account with ECZ website or ECZ database, are requested to send an email from his or her registered email address or mobile number; clearly mentioning his or her instructions. After customer/personal verification and confirmation through email or mobile numbers from ECZ, the requested account & data will be removed within 10 working days from the day of confirmation, provided that any pending orders, collections, bills, returns or issues that need to be settled will continue as usual till the issues get settled.
  • If any customer or person or regulatory body wish to discuss any data privacy issues with ECZ, please send an email to mentioning the details. ECZ team may give a reply or may call back to your contact numbers to further discuss the issues.